Talks and meet ups for printmakers and creatives in Utrecht

We’re back with our next meet up, EXCHANGE #3: Collaboration, on Tuesday 31 March 2020

Collaboration: The doorway to amazing creative solutions you could never have come up with alone? Or a rocky road full of tricky exchanges and conflicting ideas? Or both? (Or neither?)

We think collaboration can be truly magical, but what about our speakers? We’ll be hearing about what collaboration means for them, and discussing the opportunities and challenges it can create for designers and printmakers.

Come along – alone or with print-loving pal – meet other printmakers and creatives, and get inspired.

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The event takes place at Utrecht’s Rabarber – tickets cost €7, which includes a free drink.

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Past events

EXCHANGE #2: Process

The second edition of Utrecht Print Exchange’s event programme took place in January 2020 with designers and printmakers, Petra Verkade and Jorgen Koolwijk speaking about their creative processes.

There are certain unavoidable steps in printmaking. But there are many more steps that an artist or designer can take that make their work, and how they arrive at the (un)finished piece, creatively different and unique.

How important are these additional steps? Is it better to work with a set idea of what you want your finished piece to look like? How can experimenting with idea generation, exploring new methods and playing with colours help your work to evolve?

We discussed these questions and more at EXCHANGE #2: Process with our speakers Petra and Jorgen, as well as doing a literal print exchange with riso prints, etchings and screen prints swapped.

EXCHANGE #1: Productivity

Utrecht Print Exchange’s debut event, EXCHANGE #1, took place in September 2019.

We were joined at cosy Rabarber by prolific printmaker Barbara de Ru, founder of Bobbinhood, and Peter and Stephan van Meir , founders of Venster – an Utrecht-based platform connecting artists with locations to display their work.