Talks and meet-ups for printmakers and creatives in Utrecht

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Utrecht Print Exchange’s debut event, EXCHANGE #1, takes place on Wednesday 25 September from 19:00 at super cosy, super central Rabarber.

We’ll be joined by two prolific printmakers: Barbara de Ru (aka Bobbinhood) and Joris Diks (aka Handprinted Stuff). They’ll be talking about creativity, productivity, design and screen printing.

Come along – alone or with a pal – and meet fellow printmakers and creatives, have a chat over a drink, and get inspired by our awesome speakers.

Tickets are €6 and include a free drink.

Meet the speakers…

Barbara de Ru, Bobbinhood

Barbara de Ru is a Rotterdam-based creative entrepreneur, printmaker, fashion designer, author and more. After working as a fashion designer for over a decade she founded Bobbinhood in 2016, a creative studio which produces and sells easy screen printing kits, runs workshops, writes books, designs creative flows and printing overalls, and provides daily inspiration to a community of over 53k Instagram users.

“We seem to think that people are either a creative or an entrepreneur, we are taught that we can’t be both. I strongly disagree and believe that it is something we can learn. Creativity and being an entrepreneur can go hand in hand and push each other forward.”

Barbara de Ru

Barbara will be talking about how she manages to achieve so many things (see above) with the same number of hours in the day as everyone else. She recently designed a creative workflow to help herself, and everyone, to better manage our time and make more space for creative endeavours.

Joris Diks, Handprinted Stuff

Joris Diks is an Utrecht-based illustrator and printmaker. As the founder of Handprinted Stuff, he designs and screen prints gig and film posters in his own distinct style, bringing together detailed line drawings with blocks of colour and occasional typography. He also prints for other designers and galleries from his studio in De Havenloods in the Werkspoorkwartier.

“Keep on keeping on, it’s a lot about just going ahead and making stuff.”

Joris Diks

Whether his projects are commissioned or self-initiated, Joris is constantly busy producing new work. He’ll be sharing with us how he generates ideas, where he finds inspiration and how he deals with creative block.

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