Ten inspiring printmakers to follow on Instagram

[2021 update]

While Instagram can be an envy-inducing time-suck, it’s also a great place to get inspired by other printmakers and designers…

It can get you back on track if you’re suffering from creative block, or if you’ve momentarily lost your print mojo.

Below is our list of ten of our favourite printmakers to follow at the moment.

Have a look through if you need to regain your excitement about getting inky, or just like a good printmaking-inspired scroll…

1. Sunbul Akhtar (@night_press)

Sunbul creates a deeply pleasing mix of monochrome and colourful lino cuts, from portraits and everyday objects, with some political commentary woven in for good measure.

2. Jenni Allen (@jenni_allen_)  

Jenni’s screen prints layer simple forms (including lots of circles), and geometric patterns with piles of colours, creating even more colours… Her work is vibrant and, at times, mesmerisingly kaleidoscopic.

3. Charlotte Farmer (@lottiefarmer7)

Charlotte transforms her playful illustrations of various creatures and every day objects into colourful, intricate screens prints with sooo much to look at. They’re a real treat for your eyes.

4. Jen Hewett (@jenhewett)  

Jen is something of a printmaking celebrity. As a surface designer and lino and block printer (as well as teacher, author and sewist), she prints beautiful nature-inspired designs onto fabric. Watch her 2018 Creative Mornings talk: The Antidote to Perfectionism for an extra dose of this impressive printmaker.

5. Luiza Holub (@luizaholub)

Lovely soft colours, sketchy, textured, juicy palette of colours, and cosy studio shots, I especially love Luiza’s use of shadow in her images. She’s currently in the middle of a 100 day print project (Jan 2021).

6. Michael van Kekem (@michaelvankekem)

Michael plays with screen printing and lino, bringing together beautiful, blocky, organic shapes. And as a printmaking teacher, he’s always encouraging his followers to let go and just experiment. Which I know I need regular reminders about… Read our interview with Michael.

7. Sarah Matthews (@iamsarahmatthews)

Sarah’s feed is so full of colourful, dynamic, multilayered lino prints, I might explode. She also shares her beautiful book binding projects. Follow for a regular dose of inspiration.    

8. Sarah Reed McNamara (@srmprints)

Linocut printer extraordinaire, Sarah Reed McNamara takes (female) printmaking as her subject matter, along with patterns and icons, and fills her feed with inspiring bits and pieces.

9. Eva Stalinki (@Evastalinski)

Eva Stalinski personifies everyday objects in the friendliest way then transforms them into colourful screen printed tops, prints and models. Scrolling her feed makes me want to be pals with all my household cleaning products, vegetables, jam and toast. And to make lots of things.

10. Mar Rubio (@camino_studio

Mar Rubio shares her experiments in relief, mono and screen printing on paper and fabric, sometimes with natural dyes, as well as crafting with her kids. It’s a really lovely feed.

And if none of that awesome lot float your boat, Instagram hashtags are a good way to find other printmakers online (try #printmakersofinstagram, #womenprintmakers, #printmakersagainstracism, #handprinted, #printspotters #inkygoodness, #silkscreen, #get_imprinted, and #utrechtprintmaker.)

I would love to hear who you follow – I realise this list is Europe/US centric, and full of wonderful women – let us know about your favourite printmakers from all around the world!

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