Where to buy arts and printmaking supplies in the Netherlands

If you’re just getting into printmaking or recently moved to the Netherlands and wondering where to get your hands on everything, this post is for you. 

Order your supplies locally to avoid getting things shipped from thousands of miles away (and to support your neighbours!) Below you’ll find a selection of both bricks-and-mortar and online shops for everything you need to get printing. 


Screen printing

  • Bobbinhood sells home screen printing kits, stencil packs and inks. 
  • Tinta supplies base medium ‘pastes’ and pigments that you mix yourself for screen printing on both paper and fabric.
  • DRUMA offers a “spanservice” to replace your screen mesh if it rips, or gets blocked and is no longer possible to clean.
  • Zeefdrukland is actually based in Germany, but has a site in Dutch and a good selection of screens, squeegees, and lots of other screen printing equipment.
  • Zeefdruksupply is a Netherlands-based supplier of screen printing inks and equipment including exposure and drying units.


  • Baptist is a website with supplies for woodworkers and sells flexcut gouges and sharpening tools.
  • Splendith is an online arts supplier that has most bits and pieces you’ll need for lino and block printing including lots of inks, carving blocks and linoleum. 
  • Woodzilla is a Dordrecht-based press and brayer maker. Follow him on Instagram to keep updated on when he restocks his very popular online shop

Block printing

  • Kashmir Heritage has an online shop which, among others things, sells beautifully carved wooden blocks for block printing, along with ink sets.

Do you know any other good quality printmaking suppliers we should add to this list? Please share the details by emailing utrechtprintexchange@gmail.com

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