Utrecht printmakers gift guide

For warm, wholesome feels this festive season, avoid mass-produced, throw-away gifts from the high street and opt instead to invest in limited edition, handprinted products by local designers.

Below you’ll discover ten Utrecht artists who create their work using various printmaking techniques including linocut, letterpress, screen, riso and stencil printing. They make everything from traditional prints on paper and card, to cushions, pin badges, bags, and more.

If you like something you see, click through and place an order! Or just drop lots of unsubtle hints to your loved ones. And don’t forget to follow your favourite local printmakers on social media and invest in their work from time to time – it’ll make them feel all warm and fuzzy too.

Atelier Titi

1. Woman who made a well considered choice, or who overthink things – limited edition A4 diptych screen prints, 1 for €30, both for €50
2. A goose! Or is it a seagull? – limited edition 30 x 40cm screen print, €60

Who? Atelier Titi is Ellen de Bruijn, an Utrecht-based illustrator and printmaker. Ellen transforms her fun, light-hearted drawings into digital, riso and screen prints.

Where can I find more? On Ellen’s Etsy shop and Instagram

Ellis Tolsma

1. Abstract shapes – A4 riso print, €25
2. Tiny House – A4 riso print, €25

Who? Ellis Tolsma lives and makes prints in Hilversum after recently graduating from Artez Academy in Zwolle. (So, not quite Utrecht, but close enough for us!). Ellis works with riso and loves the depth created by layering colours and working with transparencies. 

Where can I find more? In Ellis’ online shop and on Instagram

Floor Rehbach

‘Hands’ and ‘Peace’ linocut printed pins, €5 each
I think we match – letterpress card, €3.50

Who? Floor is an illustrator and printmaker from Utrecht. She makes lino prints in her studio using a really old printing press. She first discovered printmaking at art school hasn’t stopped linocutting since.

Where can I find more? On Floor’s Etsy shop and Instagram

Graphite and Clay 

1. Love is love – A4 linocut print, €17.50
2. Night sky – 20 x 20cm linocut print, €12.50

Who? Graphite and Clay is Elise Veerman. Elise creates linocuts from her dining room table. Inspired by nature, she loves printing animals, flowers and plants.

Where can I find more? On Elise’s Etsy shop and Instagram

Screen printed seed packets by longfeltwant


1. Pancake plant – Limited edition 30 x 40cm screen print, €25
2. Vegetable seed packets – pack of 10 screen printed envelopes, €14

Who? Sarah is a British printmaker, founder of Utrecht Print Exchange and sometimes writes about herself in the third person. She screen prints colourful plants, vegetables and nonchalant animals from her rooftop studio. 

Where can I find more? On Sarah’s Etsy shop and Instagram

Lucas van Hapert 

1. Small Dom Tower screen print, €65
2. Utrecht Oudegracht screen print, €75

Who? Lucas is a graphic designer and printmaker. He makes his distinct Utrecht-themed screen prints from his studio in the former prison at Wolvenplein. 

Where can I find more? On Lucas’ website, and at Groeten uit Utrecht (Zadelstraat 28)


1. Linocut Christmas card set – A6, set of 4 or 8 from €12.50
2. Alocasia zebrina – limited edition 42 x 30cm linocut print, €27.50

Who? mariemaakt is Jessica Loriaux (middle name Marie). Jessica is inspired by nature, and designs and prints her bold linocut designs from her home studio in Utrecht.

Where can I find more? On Jessica’s Etsy shop and Instagram

Naz Costante

1. Faces Poster –Limited edition A2 screen print in fluorescent pink/black, €35
2. Faces Poster 2 – Limited edition 30 x 40cm screen print in fluorescent yellow/dark purple, €30

Who? Naz is an Utrecht-based graphic designer and printmaker. She creates her colourful, limited edition prints at Kapitaal. 

Where can I find more? In Naz’s Etsy shop and Instagram

Pauline Greuell handprinted cushion cover
Pauline Greuell hand screen printed tote bag

Pauline Greuell

1. One of a kind 50 x 50cm stencil printed cushion cover, €39
2. Slim linen tote with leather strap and ochre hand screen printed pattern, €59

Who? Pauline is a printmaker and surface pattern designer. Inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design, she creates patterns and screen and stencil prints on fabric in her garden studio on the outskirts of Utrecht. 

Where can I find more? On Pauline’s online shop and Instagram

Studio Kwee 

Der Berg ruft – Framed, limited edition 23 x 50cm screen print, €75 (to order print above, please send Tessa an email)

Who? Tessa Kwee is a graphic designer and printmaker. She loves making books and magazines, and creating colourful illustrations for birth announcements, patterns for screen printed wrapping paper, and much more. 

Where can I find more? On Tessa’s web shop and Instagram

Please share this gift guide with anyone who loves beautiful handmade things, and follow Utrecht Print Exchange on Instagram for more inky goodness.

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