Experiment with printmaking at Creative Life 2019

Utrecht Print Exchange will be at this year’s Creative Life Event in Utrecht in the form of longfeltwant and mariemaakt.

If you’re Netherlands-based and a printmaking or craft lover, you won’t want to miss this year’s Creative Life event at Utrecht’s Werkspoorkathedraal, 29-31 March 2019. The third edition of this annual event gives you the chance to meet lots of great designer-makers, take part in workshops and get inspired.

We’d love to see you there – tickets cost €12.50 per day, which then gives you a chance to sign up for loads of fun, hands-on workshops (at an extra cost).

This is what we’ll be up to, in case you fancy joining us, or just coming to say hello!

Lino printing workshops with mariemaakt

© mariemaakt

My stall buddy Jessica of mariemaakt fame will be giving you the chance to have a go at (botanics-themed) lino printing. You can sign up to one of nine workshops running through the event (they’re selling quickly though, so be quick!). You’ll hand carve your own stamp and have a go at printing with your creation. Reserve your spot on one of mariemaakt’s super cool workshops.

Screen printing workshops with longfeltwant

Screen printing workshop with longfeltwant
@ longfeltwant

With longfeltwant I’ll be holding six hour-long screen printing workshops over the three days. We’ll be using pre-prepared stencils to play around with layering colours and shapes to create an edition of postcards. You’ll get a good idea of how the process works and of the many opportunities this medium gives you to experiment with ink, screen and squeegee. Read more and sign up over on Eventbrite.

Top tips for what to see and do at Creative Life 2019

As we’ll be busy with our stalls and workshops we sadly won’t have a whole lot of time to take it all in, but if we did these are a few of the things we’d be doing:

Monoprinting and letterpress workshops by Atelier Indrukwekkend
Monoprinting (a screen printing technique) is great fun, and so is letterpress. Enough said! Couple up your longfeltwant screen printing workshop with Atelier Indrukwekkend’s to get good overview of the process and get the creative juices flowing.

Illustrations with Paper workshops by Studio Cooliejoelie
Ok, so not printing… but I do love collage – cutting and sticking is so satisfying and you get to play around with the composition before you commit to it with glue. Really good for coming up with ideas for prints as well. I’d be signing up for this workshop if I could.

Make your own cyanotype (blue prints) workshops by Print – art – read (PAR)
This looks super cool – using everyday objects to create awesome blue x-ray-like images. As above, could be used for printspiration, too!

Make your own dream catcher workshop by Cath en Muis
I’m the kind of person who keeps bits of string and ribbons from presents and parcels, as well as hoarding little bits of fabric. So this workshop seems like a perfect opportunity to use them to create something beautiful and decorative using recycled or sentimental bits and pieces on top of the material provided. (And, of course, that performs the essential function of catching dreams.)

Aside from workshops, we recommend you just generally soak up the atmosphere… The Werkspoorkathedraal is a pretty immense and impressive space. So have a wander around, listen to the live music and grab yourself some tea and cake.

Finally, it goes without saying you should also browse all the beautiful and handmade products and have a chat with their creators… And maybe even treat yourself – supporting small, local, creative businesses is a treat in itself, and in return you get to take home something lovely and original = win-win.

Grab your day ticket for Creative Life now

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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