Ten inspiring printmakers to follow on Instagram

While Instagram can be an envy-inducing time-suck, it’s also a great place to get inspired by other printmakers and designers…

It can get you back on track if you’re suffering from creative block, or if you’ve momentarily lost your print mojo.

Below is Utrecht Print Exchange’s list of ten top printmakers to follow at the moment.

Have a look through if you need to regain your excitement about getting inky, or just like a good printmaking-inspired scroll…

Note: Being from the UK British and living in the Netherlands means it’s pretty British/Dutch printer centric – so please share your favourites with me in the comments below or over on Instagram!

1. Bobbinhood (@bobbin.hood)

Bobbinhood is the creator of recently released The Ultimate Easy Screen Printing Book (check out our review), and queen of print-happy Instagram content. She regularly shares her process, making prints based on imagery by a mix of designers, mostly onto fabric. Always gives me squeegee envy.

2. Eva Stalinki (@Evastalinski)

Eva Stalinski personifies everyday objects in the friendliest way then transforms them into colourful screen printed tops, prints and models. Scrolling her feed makes me want to be pals with all my household cleaning products, vegetables, jam and toast. And to make lots of things.

3. Max Machen (@maxymachen)

I love Max Machen’s bold, endearing illustrations and seeing his processes shared on Instagram stories. He uses screen printing, Gocco and Riso to translate drawings into lovely prints on paper and fabric.

4. Yukiko Ikehara (@Yukiko.studio)

I had the pleasure of meeting with Yukiko at Sonsoles Print Studio (one of my favourite places in London!). She creates beautiful, clean designs and handprints them onto paper and fabric. She’s also an amazing seamstress.

5. Eleanor Lines (@eleanorlines)

I also know Eleanor through Sonsoles Print Studio (see, great place). She does awesome things with a squeegee, leads educational programmes and has set up her own print studio in Athens. Definitely one to keep your eye on!

6. Sarah Reed McNamara (@srmprints)

Linocut printer extraordinaire, Sarah Reed McNamara takes (female) printmaking as her subject matter, along with patterns and icons, and fills her feed with inspiring bits and pieces.

7. Mr Bingo (@mr_bingstagram)

Follow Mr Bingo for a regular fix of ridiculous British humour, sweary, line illustrations and occasional screen prints. (And go and see him speak if ever you get the chance).

8. Wies (@Sowiesowies)

Wie’s foam cut stamps make my heart ache they are TOO LOVELY. She also regularly shares videos showing her process that would make even the least creative person want to grab a chunk of something and carve it into something special.

9. Alice Hartley (@_alice_hartley_)

Alice Hartley’s mono prints featuring her dreamy signature colour palate have made their way onto album covers (Slow Club ❤ ), onto clothing and exhibitions.

10. Charlotte Farmer (@lottiefarmer7)

Charlotte Farmer transforms her playful illustrations of various creatures and every day objects into colourful, intricate screens prints with sooo much to look at. They’re a real treat for your eyes.

And if none of that awesome lot float your boat, Instagram hashtags are a good way to find other printmakers online (try #printmaking, #womenprintmakers, #handprinted, #printspotters #inkygoodness and #silkscreen.)

Enjoy! (And don’t forget to share your favourites with us too…)

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