Getting inky in Utrecht

Welcome to Utrecht Print Exchange! An ode to all that is inky and hand printed, and to those who get their hands (and clothes and elbows and cheeks) inky while printing.

As a relative newcomer to Utrecht (all the way from London, UK), this blog is partly intended as a way for me to track down the local printmaking community, find out more about who you are and ogle your work. But it’s also a place to exchange ideas, resources, knowledge and inspiration.

I’ve been screen printing since 2011 so expect a bias in that direction… though I can’t deny having spent hours marvelling at beautiful woodcuts, linocuts and letterpress prints, and wondering how on earth people create amazingly intricate lithographs and etchings.

Essentially I want to climb inside printmaking, have a good rummage around, indulge in all the beauty and then pull out the most interesting, helpful and/or exciting bits for you to get involved with.

I want to explore different types of stencil making for screen printing, check out the best spots for getting inspired, as well as where to print and find supplies in Utrecht, and plenty of other ink-fuelled topics.

If you want to keep updated on what’s happening on Utrecht Print Exchange you can sign up to receive the occasional email, and follow along on Instagram (@utrechtprintexchange).

You can check out my own work (as well as the odd personal post that sometimes sneak their way in there) @longfeltwant and read more about that at

Ink, watch out.

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